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Energera is innovating enertech solutions to solve some of the biggest problems the energy industry is currently facing. We exist in a time where our planet and the climate are facing several threats that are too great to ignore. Businesses, particularly those that power our everyday lives, play a vital role in the global energy transition.

Groundbreaking technology is the next step to achieving zero emissions. Our purpose is to use this technology to guide the energy industry and humanity forward so that we can wake up in the morning and feel good about the future.


Our Frac Shack solutions are transitioning the frac industry from pure diesel spreads to bi-fuel spreads. We are the only auto-fueling solution that can support a bi-fuel frac fleet and are trusted by some of the most prolific producers operating in some of the most challenging basins in the world. We eliminate the risks, stress, and nonproductive time in the hot zone with our patented automated fueling technology. Better yet, we are the only ones that can help you transition to natural gas, which means you can save up to two million dollars a pad in fuel costs.


The SideKickTM is the industry’s most sophisticated on-pad gas processing unit that takes in-field natural gas and processes it down to a safe state for multiple uses on any location. This technology enables our customers to use their own energy on site, reducing the need to flare off clean burning natural gas. Our state-of-the-art data capture system keeps you on top of fuel consumption, substitution rates, and site productivity, while keeping your costs and diesel consumption down.


Our army of sophisticated sand separators combat and eliminate produced sand in any basin, in any condition, in any application. This technology significantly reduces methane emissions and LELs on every drain cycle.


01 Smarter

Energera’s platform of products are on the cutting edge of performance, safety, and environmental protection. With a focus on technology-enabled solutions, data-based decision-making, and automation, we are Changing the World of Energy ™. Our team’s big ideas and relentless drive to improve is what keeps us agile and progressing at an unrivaled pace.


02 Greener

We care about our future, our children’s future, and the generations after that. This planet is our home, and it is our responsibility to look after it. We are environmental advocates working pragmatically and tirelessly to change the energy industry from within. Our technology creates real change and minimizes the energy industry’s environmental footprint. We want to make sure that decades from now we have a great quality of life, without having to sacrifice our natural surroundings.


03 Safer

We hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards in professionalism, ethics, and integrity. Accountability is non-negotiable, and we only operate in a safe, respectful workplace, with rigorous environmental protections. We are protecting people, all people, and the world in which they live.


04 Cleaner

Our technologies enable the transition to cleaner production and delivery of energy. We are uncompromising in our standards so that our customers can rely on our expertise for the cleanest solutions. Businesses can become more efficient and reduce emissions at the same time. We do not need to sacrifice one for the other.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Our enertech solutions improve the sustainability and safety of operations.


In our previous quarter, we continued to help our clients reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Reduction from Natural Gas Substitution


tons of CO2e
Reduction from Reduced Idling


tons of CO2e
Reduction from Reduced Methane Venting


tons of CO2e

109968 hectares


We believe that collaboration and forging new relationships will allow us to protect the planet and reach the standard that we know is possible.

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