Environment, Social,
and Governance

Energera is confident in our pursuit of a prosperous future that takes into account the wellbeing of the planet and our livelihood. We envision a world where energy is available, accessible, and affordable so that prosperity is not only possible but inclusive as well, even in remote regions. Our portfolio of emergent technology solutions enables our partners to be smarter, greener, safer, cleaner, and greater every day.



  • 01Frac Shack materially reduces CO2e emissions and risk of spills and injury.
  • 02Frac Shack effectively eliminates the risk of a hydrocarbon spill.
  • 03Sanditnel sand separators virtually eliminate methane emissions.


  • 01Energera has a strong independent governance structure.
  • 02Energera is governed by an independent and diversified Board and Chairman.
  • 03Energera recognizes the value in independent oversight and decision making.

Emissions Impact

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Reduction for 2020

Total Greenhouse Gas Emissions Of Paris

1. Reduction in CO2e attributed to reduced idling was 235,075 Tonnes CO2e
2. Reduction in CO2e attributed to NG substitution was 11,466 Tonnes CO2e
3. Reduction in CO2e attributed to methane venting was 835,233 Tonnes CO2e

on 2019 data from http://www.globalcarbonatlas.org/en/CO2-emissions

We empower our partners on this journey: our employees, our industry, and our communities to explore more sustainable energy practices through enertech.
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