Our Frac Shack solutions are transitioning the frac industry from pure diesel spreads to bi-fuel spreads. We are the only auto-fueling solution that can support a bi-fuel frac fleet and are trusted by some of the most prolific producers operating in some of the most challenging basins in the world. We eliminate the risks, stress, and nonproductive time in the hot zone with our patented automated fueling technology. Better yet, we are the only ones that can help you transition to natural gas, which means you can save up to two million dollars a pad in fuel costs.

The SideKickTM is the industry’s most sophisticated on-pad gas processing unit that takes in-field natural gas and processes it down to a safe state for multiple uses on any location. This technology enables our customers to use their own energy on site, reducing the need to flare off clean burning natural gas. Our state-of-the-art data capture system keeps you on top of fuel consumption, substitution rates, and site productivity, while keeping your costs and diesel consumption down.


Pushing the limits of what’s possible in surface and sand control by offering solutions on the cutting edge of performance. Our army of sophisticated sand separators can combat and eliminate produced sand in any basin, in any condition, in any application. Our technology’s unrivaled performance removes 95+% of surface sand from production, at a fraction of the footprint. Do you want to learn how you can use up to 50% less equipment and field personnel and achieve 55x less methane emissions, on every job, on every drain cycle?